ENTER Mölndal

Experience the place through your mobile phone

ENTER Mölndal is a site-specific interactive experience - through your mobile phone!

Throughout the landscape, there are traces of people who lived here before us. Some traces are visible, while others are almost impossible to discover. Through your mobile phone, you can now enter the many layers of history.
ENTER Mölndal can be experienced at two sites: Kvarnbyn in Mölndal and by the lake Tulebosjön in Kållered.

In Kvarnbyn the Mölndal river and rapids have given people the chance to live, survive, work and create for over a thousand years. You will discover the site through voices and stories from different times. You take part of the experience through the browser in your mobile phone or through the App ENTER Mölndal - Kvarnbyn. It is suitable for users who are 14 years or older.

By lake Tulebosjön archaeologists have found extraordinary traces from the Bronze age. This AR-experience and guided tour into virtual rooms can be accessed through the app ENTER Mölndal – Tulebosjön. It is suitable for users who are nine years or older.

About the Project

ENTER Mölndal has been developed by Mölndals stadsmuseum in collaboration with RISE Interactive and Marika Hedemyr Projects. The project has been realized with the generous support of The Torsten Söderberg Foundation. More information.