ENTER Mölndal - Tulebosjön

Promotional image ENTER Tulebosjön

You will need

  • An advanced smartphone – see technical requirements further down the page.
  • Headphones
  • The app ”ENTER Mölndal – Tulebosjön”. You might need wifi to download it.

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Start the experience

  • Go the the starting point: The benches next ot the beach at lake Tulebosjön in Kållered. Show on a map
  • Put the headphones on
  • Start the app

Tips and info before starting

You need to be on location! The walk starts at the benches next to the beach at Lake Tulebo in Kållered and you will stop at seven different places on the slope next to the lake. Show on a map.

Accessibility: The walk goes on a walkway and over a grass slope. It is partly hilly.

Length: About 500 meters

Time: About 30 minutes

For you who are: 9 years or older

Language: Swedish or English

Technical requirements: Advanced smartphones, for example iPhone 6s/SE, Samsung S7, Huawei Honor 10, Huawei P20 and newer models. Or a tablet with GPS receiver.

Consumption: Approx. 20% of battery charge, 50 ml of water. The app is 180 MB. Once installed, you do not need internet access.

The app needs access to location services and camera.

All data stays in your phone and is only used during the tour.

About Tulebosjön

By lake Tulebosjön in Kållered archaeologists have found exciting traces in the ground. During excavations in 1998 an entire system of pits was discovered, where fires were lit several thousand years ago! 132 pits, six hearths and eight post holes were found. They are from the Bronze Age.

But why are they here and what have they been used for?

Bring your mobile and go for a walk next to the lake. Step into virtual spaces that tell of the history of this place based on what we know – and don’t know - about the pits where the fires were lit several thousand years ago.